Links to CVDLab PLASM models

The amount of details developed for this assignment - as you might have noticed from the picture in the Gallery section - made it difficult (it requires a big amount of RAM and time), for the time being, to view the entire 3D model inside CVDLab PLASM altogether. In order to let you play with it and have a real feel of what working with PLASM really was, I developed three independent submodels.

  • Exterior view: you can view the exterior walls of the entire building, except for the columns.
  • Interior view: this time you can actually see the interior walls of the building. Fell free to walk around.
  • Columns: developing them was quite complex and PLASM seems to think it too, that's why I decided to develop a model of them apart from the rest of the building.

Please, be aware that it might take some time for the submodel you chose to load, so be patient and don't close your browser (Google Chrome is adviced).
In case you might want to try to build the villa on your computer, you can find the code for the Villa here. Then you can follow the instruction and start workin with PLASM yourself. A working Plasm alpha version can be found here.